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One Doomed turkey…

every thanksgiving I think about the thanksgiving turkey and what kind of torture my Aunt Abs ( Abs of Steal)

has put that helpless dead animal through. Last year she injected the turkey with sage and other herbs. Sure it was incredibly Delicious,

but that turkey probably rolled over in his/her ( don’t wanna be sexist on my own wordpress, now do I?) grave. This year Auntie Abbye

said she had grown bored of the Sage ‘N’ Herbs recipe, and was going to try a new recipe. This year’s turkey was a brave man/woman and

will suffer immense pain. Oh, now, is this a tear welling up in my eye? Where’s that tissue?


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It’s a teacher work-day tomorrow and I can’t sleep in!

Can you believe it? When will the torture end????

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My family has been stricken with a rare, disturbing, and undiagnosable illness. Well, not really. But we have been stricken with a stomach bug that causes the victim to have diarreah and have to go to the bathroom multiple times an hour.

Well, now I have it, and so does Adam.we’re Hanging out at the house with Uncle Matthew.  Hey, It beats school!

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So, yes, I have also switched to Quentin Theme. I love it a lot more than my last one, which i have forgotten it’s name. I try to forget tragic/traumatic events/time periods of my life. So, You’ve been reading the post Quintin on a Quintin blog.

Have a nice and surreal day!

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Yep, for some of you, you’ll know what i am talking about.

for others, you are going to ask me to elaborate on this, and so I will.

“This time” is the kinda-semi-annual-mens cookoff hosted by the Rock of Wilmington (church).

I will, of course, be entering, and wearing my chefs hat from my win last year (we’ve had it twice in a year! that is so rare!).

So if you live in the Wilmington area, come on down to Impy Park (yes thats it’s real name),

and taste my delicious __________ ( you are not supposed to know what it is yet, I want an unbiased win!).

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no need to say more

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