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THIS video is really cool.

I like the choreography that they do, especially in the end! #1 if you are to thick to see that THIS is a link, than please click on this, and then smack yourself.


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Communism In Mayfair ! ;)

MayfairSo, yesterday I went to a birthday for my friend Victoria. It was at the favorite hang-out sweet spot for everyone under 30. Yes, Thats right.

It was at Mayfair. It’s called a shopping center/village but its more like an outside mall.

So, we were having a “Clue Quest” (it’s a scavenger hunt) where you have to get business cards/ catalogs from all the stores in Mayfair.

Winner gets candy. So, it was pretty well planned, well organized. Except, It turned out it was kinda illegal in Mayfair. Now don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. So yeah, first we got a warning from the rent-a-cops saying that we had to keep it down, don’t run, etc. Well, My best bud caleb’s team didn’t get a warning, they got detained! Yep, they got Kicked out of Mayfair Shopping Center . So, there was a plus ( + )

and minus (-) to this party. + side : I got candy. -side: Caleb got detained and the whole party got turned into an “illegal mess”.

I made a video interviewing everybody about it. Maybe I should post it sometime…

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Regan Moment

Reagen just said that his dad was a “good woman”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m ROFLing right now!

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Pats are bad not cool least awesome Totally on the bottom of my awesomeness chart right now!! go Eli Manning!!

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