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New Site

I have my new site up and running.

You can visit me at gabrielsbrain.com


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Out of The Box

I recently had an alarming number of epiphanies in my life, emerging from the ashes of my childhood as a young adult. One of the most prominent things that I have realized is this: I am not financially taken care of forever. Soon, I will be my own breadwinner.

Most of my life so far has consisted of a box. I lived in that box. everything that I needed was in the box, or brought to the box. My food? It’s right here, in the box. My Clothes? Oh yeah, right here, next to the college fund. Everything I need is right here, in the box.

I can’t live in this box forever. I will eventually have to provide the food, provide the clothes. I will have to be my own person. That is Kind of scary.

Imagine being taken care of for your whole life, and then that just stopped all of the sudden. That’s how I’m worried it it going to happen. I have friends who have saved THOUSANDS of dollars for college, because that is the only way they will be able to go to school. I have friends who have been studying very hard all their life for a scholarship, because that is the only way they will get into college PERIOD. It makes me kind of sad, but I know that is the way it is gonna go down. Me, actually in a job, probably having to wear a tie, just to thrive in today’s society. That is a scary thought!

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This is the first ever MWP awards! Where I, Gabriel, will discuss some of my four favorite up-and-coming talents in the music world.

The Bridges

The Bridges is a great band consisting of 5 members ranging in age from 18 to 24. consists of siblings Natalie Byrd (Piano and guitar) Stacey Byrd (guitar) Isaaca Byrd (bass) Jeremy Byrd (drums) and cousin Brittany Painter, who provides hauntingly expressive lead vocals and plays acoustic guitar. Brittany writes most of the bands lyrics, with all five collaborating on the music.”We didn’t care about making it perfect or polished; we wanted it to be real and organic and emotional. It’s kind of raw in some ways, and maybe there are some flaws, but they’re our flaws. I think it sounds like us.” says Natalie Byrd about the band’s new album, Limits Of The Sky. The Bridges are one to watch.


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a very talented songwriter and singer. Her first album, 19, was released when she was only, you guessed it, nineteen. Adele began to garner attention with her soulfully delicious voice.her song, Hometown Glory, is on my top 50 list of songs.

Ahmad Jones

Ahmad Jones is an avid participant in the Christian hip-hop community. He even coined his own genre, entitled “hiprocksoul”.  Ahmad is a classic punk with his pink beard and stereo on his shoulder, and it shines through in his music. “overloaded” is a classic example of why they will succeed. The song blends great lyrics, great vocals, and fantastic music to create a vivid tale of a tortured man in todays society.Ahmad Jones, your going places!

The Veronicas

This sisterhood duo consists of 20 year old identical twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso from Brisbane, Australia.

The twins are amazingly talented, with 2 albums and 46 songs, the veronicas’ ghostly voices and haunting melodies are what every beginning act should aspire to be. With such dynamic hits as “4ever” and “untouched”, this group isn’t going anywhere but up.

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The MWP awards!

The Musicians With Potential awards are a new list of up-and-coming musicians with heaps of potential.
Coming soon, I will list my top 20 musicians with potential, from Indie to Pop, to Rock, and maybe some Country, if I’m in a good mood.

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Butterfly Man


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GCTV! Finally!

OK, here is episode 4. I know that this is strange, considering that I haven’t posted 1, 2 and 3 yet, but I will, I promise I will!

Episode 4

Enjoi! you can also view them Here

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So, So far me and caleb have filmed 6 episodes, 3 of which have been shown. You can email us with questions, suggestions, etc. at gctv@ymail.com , and you can view one of the six episodes online at youtube.com/GabrielandCaleb, and we are putting more up soon.

And come each week for another exciting premier of the show in TwoExtreme.

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