GCTV Cont’d

So, So far me and caleb have filmed 6 episodes, 3 of which have been shown. You can email us with questions, suggestions, etc. at gctv@ymail.com , and you can view one of the six episodes online at youtube.com/GabrielandCaleb, and we are putting more up soon.

And come each week for another exciting premier of the show in TwoExtreme.



Sorry i haven’t been posting ya’ll, I’ve had tons of opportunities to post lately but I just haven’t. Shame on Me!

well, with that said, Here is the rest of the post.

About 3 weeks ago, Uncle Matthew contacted me and asked me if me and my good friend caleb wouldn’t mind making a 5 minute weekly video for the tween class of The Rock Church. We reluctantly obliged(not really reluctantly, we called him back practically before the first call was over).

So, now me and caleb are making a weekly video of WHATEVER we want to!

If I can figure out how, I’ll post the first 2 episodes to the site very,very soon!

Oh My Goodness!

i can’t believe it’s finally happened! Reagan Printy, my adorabley cute cousin, now has a little sister!

her name is Rylee Lyric Printy came into the world at about 12:07 PM today!

I am sure she is extremely adorable!

if I can find some, I will post some pictures of her later today or early tomorrow.

My mom is throwing a HUGEMONGUS party tomorrow at our church for all the children’s ministry staff.

That is definitely a gifted group of volunteers I’ll tell you that much!

It was originally going to be at our Casa Loco, but because of the hideously foul weather it is now taking place at the Rock of Wilmington!

We have the following: 1 huge inflatable pool, 1 three area slip ‘n’ slide, and 1 ton of food!

so If you do work in the children’s ministry, PLEASE don’t pass up this opportunity for fun, fellowship, and food. By the way, those are the 3Rs of church!.

here are 100 reasons why my dad is the greatest!

  1. He can be funny sometimes
  2. pretty good taste
  3. not too dorky, just enough to know how to fix a computer
  4. fun to hang out with
  5. a great leader
  6. a great pastor
  7. very creative
  8. has a sense of humor
  9. he goes big, or he goes home
  10. has great friends
  11. has awesome kids! especially his eldest one 😛
  12. God focused
  13. me, noah, and adam are the third most loved things in his life.
  14. wise when he wants to be
  15. very inspiring
  16. prominent in his walk with god
  17. hunble
  18. hey, he lets me live in his house, and he feeds & clothes me.(well, that one doesn’t really count because according to law he kinda has to or he could be ,like, arrested!)
  19. great at chess
  20. understands kids and teens and everything in between (unlike a lot of parents who tries to “relate” with us.
  21. admits his misgivings ( see previous post)
  22. has such a zest for life
  23. has a vision for our church
  24. has a great smile
  25. has a fun laugh
  26. used to work as a dentist’s assistant!
  27. used to work in a bicycle shop!
  28. used to do triathalons!
  29. can find a silver lining in every cloud
  30. married my mom, cause I mean I wouldn’t exist otherwise!
  31. he has awesome parents ,too!
  32. he knows that all of the working parts of a system need care, or else the whole thing messes up!
  33. he cares about even the smallest things!
  34. knows that life has value
  35. doesn’t know everything and has the courage to admit that!
  36. knows his limits
  37. very courageous
  38. a pioneer
  39. respects his mom, the mark of a true man!
  40. loves god to the fullest
  41. committed to our church
  42. committed to my mom
  43. committed to god
  44. committed to us
  45. committed to a bunch of other stuff
  46. a great person in every aspect
  47. doesn’t embarrass me, and can relate to me and my friends ( isn’t that rare?)
  48. doesn’t wear those hideous sweaters! ( and , yes, this counts as a positive quality)
  49. understands whats going on in the world
  50. doesn’t make a huge deal out of Brittany Spears and all of those other celebrities who need Jesus!
  51. thinks that Steve Jobs & Bill Gates are more intriguing than Brittany Spears & Brad Pitt
  52. doesn’t read the news or watch it. ( a great way to avoid depression!)
  53. has eloquence and knows how to use it!
  54. If he did have muscles, he wouldn’t use those puppies to knock somebody out unless it was absolutely necessary!
  55. is proud to be slightly geekish
  56. knows when something doesn’t work
  57. can play the trumpet and the piano!
  58. can’t sing 😦
  59. can’t dance:(
  60. can preach! 🙂
  61. rides roller coasters!
  62. can’t play most sports 😦
  63. is good at teaching those sports
  64. he’s a modern day David. ( he’s a man after god’s own heart!)
  65. there are a lot of people who love him
  66. there are a lot of people he loves
  67. I have never met someone who doesn’t like him.
  68. very impacting
  69. he can be funny
  70. down to earth
  71. his whole life isn’t dedicated to trying to “convert people” to christianity.
  72. knows his place.
  73. he views the world as a circle, no one point on the circle is any greater or lesser than any other.
  74. knows peace
  75. is not conflicted
  76. knows when and how to discipline, and how to do it effectively
  77. he isn’t religious.
  78. will admit when he is wrong, and will not boast when he is right
  79. has pretty awesome hair.
  80. he doesn’t have one of those ugly humongo beards. on second thought, he doesn’t even have a beard!
  81. he doesn’t understand everything in the bible, and he doesn’t pretend to!
  82. He follows the ten commandments to a tee.
  83. I have never seen him in spandex!
  84. he isn’t unreasonable at all!
  85. he takes precaution, but he lives life to the fullest!
  86. I have seen him dive from a plane!
  87. he scuba dives with sharks! And they’re not tame at all!
  88. knows fear, but isn’t overcome by it
  89. his heart is almost as big as his head!
  90. he thinks big. like, universe-size big!
  91. He has three loving children, and he is bringing them up well!
  92. he has lived, loved, and been loved throughout his whole life!
  93. he loves everyone, and most of them retaliate
  94. when he leads, the masses follow.
  95. he is DEFINITELY a people person!
  96. he focuses on the good in people, and is very good at bringing it out in them.
  97. he isn’t your average pastor!
  98. his wife isn’t your average pastor’s wife!
  99. He is my father, and he is one of my favorite people in the universe!
  100. today is his day and his alone!( I mean aside from other dads, that is!)

Happy fathers day dad! I love you!


have any of you tried to get  a wii lately? if you have, you have probably experienced the frenzy going on this week. See, This whole big program for Nintendo Wii came out recently called WiiFit, which has been called “A fitness revolution!”It has FLOWN off the shelves! But to play WiiFit, you obviously need a Wii, so there are NO wiis anywhere retail wise in Wilmington. How do I know?

Well, my whole family decided yesterday that we really want a wii console. Totally unrelated to WiiFit. We have either called or gone to every store in Wilmington looking for a wii. EVERYBODY was sold out!

This morning I looked online at refreshthing.com to see if any wiis were available anywhere.

I got this ( green means available):Yeah, hope I get the last one!

Fun Quote #1

So, yesterday evening my whole family was seated at dinner, and I was discussing  the Nintendo Wii with my mom when I overheard this little snippet of conversation:

Noah: Dad, can I feel your muscles?

Dad: No. I don’t have any.

That just cracked me up!